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I am not a citizen nor a resident of Australia. I live outside of Australia. Can I open an account?

Yes, you can open an account with QuietGrowth even if you are not a citizen nor a resident of Australia. We accept international clients. However, if you are a US resident, you will not be able to open an account (for more details, please refer to our answer to the question Can US residents open an account with QuietGrowth?).

Please be aware that you might need to file your annual tax returns in Australia, as your brokerage account will be domiciled in Australia. You can contact your tax consultant for more pertinent details, as applicable in your case, regarding investing through a brokerage account domiciled in Australia.

Australia is a developed country with a robust rule-of-law, healthy regulatory practices and a stable society. So, many people who live in countries facing significant uncertainties (such as a risk of war, internal strife, social unrest, low quality of governance, high political risk, financial instability and volatile currency) favour transferring a part of their wealth to preferred destinations such as Australia. Please refer to our 'transfer a part of your wealth to Australia' knowledge resource for more information.