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What sort of tax information or documents do you provide your clients during tax time each year?

Annual Investor Statement (AIS) and the Tax Summary are the two documents that we provide to our clients during the tax time each year. These documents might assist you in completing your tax return.

After the end of each Financial Year on 30th June, usually in the month of August, the ETF issuers release the annual tax documents for each of their ETFs. Till the ETF issuers release their tax documents for each of their ETFs, we would not be able to prepare the annual investor statement and the tax summary documents for the clients.

Also, an independent auditing of our investment management activity for that financial year will be conducted. As soon as this exercise is completed, usually in the month of September, the Annual Investor Statement, the Tax Summary and the Independent Auditor’s Report will be available to you. At that time, we will inform you by email about the availability of the documents.

When the documents are ready for a particular financial year, you will be able to download the documents from QuietGrowth website. This is as per regulations.

QuietGrowth does not provide tax advice and is not a registered tax agent. Annual Investor Statement and the Tax Summary documents do not constitute personal taxation advice. If you have any questions about your tax situation or the completion of your tax return, we recommend you speak with your tax adviser or accountant.