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Can I do socially responsible investing through QuietGrowth?

As of now, if you intend to do socially responsible or ethical investing, then you will not be able to do it through QuietGrowth.

While identifying suitable ETFs for each asset class, we do not give particular preference to Ethical ETFs or ESG ETFs. The metrics that we use to select an ETF apply to Ethical ETFs too. Hence, none of the Ethical ETFs has become a part of QuietGrowth Portfolios so far — mainly because Ethical ETFs have higher expense ratios, lower diversification and no exposure to certain high-performing public companies.

If you intend to do ethical investing, we suggest an alternative to investing in ethical ETFs — to invest in regular ETFs and donate to a charity of choice an amount equivalent to:

(a) the savings accrued due to lower expense ratios of regular ETFs; and

(b) the higher returns, if any, enjoyed due to the higher performance of regular ETFs.

We are cheering for the further evolution of ESG ETFs traded on ASX.

Refer to our Investment Methodology page and Ethical Investing knowledge resource for more information.