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Too busy to self-learn the skills to safeguard from cyber threats?   Speak confidentially with the cyber security expert Martin Boyd over a video call.

Martin Boyd

About Martin Boyd

Martin is a former Executive Manager of Cyber Security at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Lecturer at the Macquarie University Optus Cyber Security Hub. Martin is now the founder of Vertex Security, a company that provides Cyber Security to high-net worth individuals, and to firms from small business to large multinational. He is based in Sydney.


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60-minute video call


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  • Based on your situation, you might need more conversations. A single call might not cover all the topics that need to be discussed.
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  • There is no guarantee of the outcome of this security consultation.
  • This security consultation call is not financial advice.

Adopting the best practices in cyber security can be more valuable to those who have several million dollars in investable assets. Take preventive steps to safeguard you and your family. Book your appointment now.

Everyone should cultivate better cyber security habits. So, if you find engaging a cyber security expert is expensive due to your financial situation, you should consider investing a few days in understanding how you can mitigate the cyber security risks.