Financial Adviser

QuietGrowth is a financial adviser. Robo advice, digital advice, automated investment management, online investment adviser, digital investment advisor, digital financial advisor, digital wealth manager, algorithm-driven investment management are the popular terms that are commonly used to describe our service.

Digital financial adviser

We are a financial advisor who provides our online service using interactive interfaces through your laptop and mobile phone. Thanks to technology!

Robo advice for wealth management is evolving towards meeting the needs of the clients. As part of that innovation, robo advice is encompassing the activity of investing through an SMSF.

General financial advice, personal financial advice and investment advice

We provide general financial advice, as well as personal financial advice limited to the Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) service of QuietGrowth.

The financial information that we provide in our website and in other mediums by not taking into consideration your personal circumstances, is the general financial advice.

The financial information that we provide by taking into consideration your personal circumstances is the personal financial advice. The personal financial advice that we provide is through our Managed Discretional Account (MDA) service.

We provide both financial advice and investment advice. Investment advice generally means personal financial advice about investment topics.

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No conflicted remuneration

QuietGrowth is independent of all the ETF product issuers, whose products we include in our portfolios, because of the following reasons:

  • We do not earn commissions or remuneration from ETF product issuers.
  • We do not receive gifts or benefits from product issuers which may reasonably be expected to influence us.
  • None of the product issuing firms is a shareholder in our company.

Because of these practices, conflicted remuneration does not exist between QuietGrowth and ETF product issuers.


As a part of your on-boarding process, before your QuietGrowth account is created, we will provide you the digital copies of the following documents:

  • Statement of Advice (SOA)
  • Investment Program
  • Financial Services Guide
  • Client Agreement, and
  • Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Application

Statement of Advice

A Statement of Advice is a document that sets out your situation and goals, and our corresponding financial advice. You will receive an SOA when we provide you with personal financial advice that takes into consideration your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. The SOA will contain:

  • the advice
  • the basis on which it was given
  • information about fees, commissions and associations related to the provision of this advice.

Refer to our Financial Services Guide for detailed information.


Statement of Advice that is modified

A new Statement of Advice will be issued to you when you modify your Personal Circumstances. You can modify your Personal Circumstances at most once a month. We do not charge a fee for the generation of a new Statement of Advice for you.

Annual Investor Statement

After the end of each Financial Year, an independent auditing of our investment management activity for that financial year will be conducted. As soon as this exercise is completed, the Annual Investor Statement (AIS), which has details of your account activities, and the Independent Auditor’s Report will be available to you. This is as per regulations.

Refer to our Financial Services Guide for detailed information.