Portfolio Value

$3,000 - $10,000

QuietGrowth MDA Fee
per annum



Portfolio Value

$10,001 - $30,000

QuietGrowth MDA Fee
per annum


First $10,000: 0%

Portfolio Value

$30,001 - $200,000

QuietGrowth MDA Fee
per annum


First $10,000: 0%

Portfolio Value


QuietGrowth MDA Fee
per annum


First $10,000: 0%

  • Minimum initial deposit is $3,000
  • No QuietGrowth MDA management fee is charged for the first $10,000 of portfolio value of the first portfolio
  • QuietGrowth fee indicated excludes GST

No advisory fees

No brokerage/
trading fees

No rebalancing fees

No performance fees

No entry/
exit fees

No platform fees

Fees Calculator


Estimated QuietGrowth fee for one year


Portfolio value

$3,000 $5,000,000


QuietGrowth Annual Fee = 0% x (portfolio value greater than $10,000) = 0.5% x $90,000 = $450.00

GST = 10% x QuietGrowth fee = 10% x $450 = $45.00


In this calculation, the portfolio value does not vary for all the days in the year. Please note that in a real account, QuietGrowth fee is calculated daily, and will vary depending on the value of the portfolio on each day of the year. For more details, please refer to the FAQs page.

Details of the fees

Initial advice fee$0No initial advice fee is payable.
Ongoing advice fees$0No ongoing advice fees are payable.
QuietGrowth MDA management fee0.4% to 0.6% per year + GST, based on assets under managementDeducted from your cash account, at the end of each month. No QuietGrowth MDA management fee is charged for the first $10,000 of portfolio value of the first portfolio.
Brokerage/trading fees$0No brokerage/trading fees are payable for buying and selling of your securities.
Rebalancing fees$0No rebalancing fees for the automatic and periodic rebalancing your portfolio. Rebalancing is done only for portfolios with assets under management of $10,000 or more.
Ongoing portfolio design$0No fees payable for ongoing portfolio construction and asset allocation.
Performance fees$0No performance fees are payable.
Entry fees$0No entry fees are payable.
Exit fees$0No exit fees are payable.
Establishment fees$0No fees payable to open your QuietGrowth account.
Contribution fees$0No fees payable to deposit an amount online to your QuietGrowth portfolios.
Withdrawal fees$0

No fees payable to withdraw an amount online from your QuietGrowth portfolios to your bank account in Australia.

If your bank account is outside Australia, an international telegraphic transfer fee of $100 is deducted.

Platform fees$0No platform fees are payable.
ETF management feesAs applicableCharged by each fund issuer (of each of the securities in your portfolio), and are included in the traded unit price of each ETF. These fees are not paid directly by you, but they do impact the performance of your portfolio.
Bid-ask spreadAs applicableIncluded in the traded unit price at which we execute the buy or sell trades of securities.
Online access fee$0No fees payable to access the interfaces in our website. Also access your account through our iOS and Android apps for mobile phones and tablets.

QuietGrowth Invite Program

The QuietGrowth Invite Program allows you to lower your QuietGrowth fee. Invite your friends, and we will waive QuietGrowth fee on an additional $5,000 for you, and an additional $5,000 for your friend when they fund an account.

QuietGrowth Refer Friends Programme

Total fees you incur

Pricing for SMSF Set-up

Know about our pricing for the establishment of your SMSF and the ongoing administration fees for that SMSF.