Why QuietGrowth


QuietGrowth is an automated, online investment management service. We manage your investments to achieve optimised returns, for a low fee. We are the most advanced online investment adviser in Australia.

We manage, with a long-term perspective, a risk-optimised and diversified portfolio of ETFs having low expense ratios, for our clients. You can invest with us in Individual, Joint, SMSF, and Trust accounts.

We offer a portfolio customised to the risk tolerance of our client. After knowing the risk profile of our client by asking few questions, we suggest and facilitate long-term investing in a customised global portfolio of eight specific low-cost passive ETFs, across various asset classes, through our website.

We offer online what a high-quality wealth manager, who has the best interests of her customers, provides in terms of creating a customised portfolio mix for long-term investing. However, we do it for a low fee. Moreover, our service is available to those who do not have sufficient investible money that would qualify them to access the services of a high-quality wealth manager.

QuietGrowth robo advisory service in Australia is available to retail investors (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001), including individual investors, retail brokers (who act at the direction of these individuals), managed accounts (whereby the account manager makes the buy and sell decisions for the individual), and investment clubs (groups of people who pool their money to make investment).