Why QuietGrowth

QuietGrowth is a digital investment management service. We manage your investments to achieve optimised returns. We are the most advanced online investment adviser in Australia.

We manage, with a long-term perspective, a risk-optimised and diversified portfolio of select ETFs for our clients. You can invest with us in Individual, Joint, SMSF, and Trust accounts.

We offer online what a high-quality wealth manager, who has the best interests of her clients, offers for long-term investing. Moreover, our service is available to those who do not have sufficient investible money that would qualify them to access the services of a high-quality wealth manager. And we do it for a low QuietGrowth fee.

QuietGrowth solves your need for a high-quality and trustful investment adviser and investment manager. We are a financial advisor, and our service is referred to as robo advice or digital advice. Benefit from our online service for your long-term financial wellness.

How we manage your money

We offer a portfolio customised to the risk tolerance of our client. After knowing the risk profile of our client by asking a few questions, we suggest and facilitate long-term investing in a global portfolio of low-cost ETFs, across various asset classes, through our website.

Read our investment methodology for more information.


Our mission is to provide access to wise investing for all, through knowledge, technology and transparency.

Salient features of our personalised wealth management service are...

  • Acting in client’s best interest, and we do not receive conflicted remuneration while investing on client’s behalf.
  • No hidden charges with stress on transparency and cost-efficiency.
  • Goal-based investing for multiple investment goals of the client.
  • Legal and beneficial ownership, and ultimate control of the underlying investments remain with the client, enabling the client with greater security.

Need for robo advice

At present, clients using typical financial advice or investment management service incur high fees. Moreover, high-quality wealth managers do not serve clients with lower investible assets, with many highly-skilled portfolio managers expecting to manage at least one million dollars from each client. Even if a client has access to a high-quality wealth management service, the probability of higher risk-adjusted returns over the long-term compared to a basket of broad-range market-indices, net-of-fees, is low.

Financial Advice
Interactive Interfaces and Algorithms

The alternative is do-it-yourself investing. However, DIY investing is time-consuming because of the need to conduct extensive research, is difficult because one requires high cognitive skills, and hence, often results in sub-optimal risk-adjusted portfolio returns. This is leading to a lower wealth accumulation over the long-term for most of the clients.

To address this problem, our highly-skilled investment and engineering teams have built a solution that automates the delivery of personalised investment advice to the client and the management of the funds that we invest on behalf of the client. Our solution uses algorithms and interactive interfaces. This enables us to serve you as a financial adviser providing high-quality digital advice for a low QuietGrowth fee. This also allows us to provide access to our service to those who can invest as low as $3,000 for the long term.

Investment Interactives and Visualisations

Top robo advice solution in Australia

We started as a firm in 2014, and having been managing the investments of our clients since October 2015. We are the most advanced robo advice solution in Australia. We have been striving to serve your needs better through our algorithm-driven investment service.


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