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What is the time frame you refer to when you suggest to invest for the long term?

We have mentioned on the website that the investment through QuietGrowth is for the long term. To enjoy the benefits of diversification of QuietGrowth portfolios in an increasing manner, you would need to stay invested for at least 10 years. The probability of loss of your investment in a diversified portfolio decreases as you stay invested for more years.

So, ideally, your investment in QuietGrowth portfolios should not include those investments with a short time-horizon of a few months or a year. If you are thinking of a big-ticket purchase, such as a house, within a year, and you cannot afford to lose a part of your money till the purchasing event because of market volatility, then you should not invest that amount in a QuietGrowth Portfolio. Instead, you should park that money in a term deposit till the purchasing event.

Refer to our Investment Methodology page for more information.

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