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Do you provide the micro-investing service?

No. We do not provide the micro-investing service. However, a client can deposit any amount, any number of times, to her QuietGrowth portfolio.

We opine that micro-investing can be a temporary option for those young, first-time investors who face difficulty in inculcating the habit of saving, and investing those savings. A micro-investing service might not take your personal circumstances into consideration while suggesting suitable investment portfolios to you. Also, it might not provide personal financial advice to you.

Assuming that the round-up amount per bank transaction is $0.50, you can save about $50 only every month through micro investment, if you do 100 bank transactions in a month. Though consistent saving is a step in the right direction, an amount of such a size might not be life-changing for you. We opine that every Australian should save and invest much more than that amount every month.

So, we encourage you to consider to start investing with a digital investment management service such as QuietGrowth.

We at QuietGrowth are aiming to serve clients who are investing for the long-term AFTER they have set up their rainy-day fund. To know more about an emergency fund or rainy-day fund, refer to our webpage What is a rainy day fund?

Refer to our 'Micro Investing' knowledge resource for more information.