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Do you provide the micro-investing service?

No. We do not provide the "Spare Change" micro-investing service.


QuietGrowth provides its service through the Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) structure to enable clients to delegate the investment management and trading discretion for securities to QuietGrowth. This means QuietGrowth will invest in financial products on your behalf without prior reference to you for each transaction (such as buy trade and sell trade).

Another important advantage of investing through an MDA is that it allows us to hold your securities under your own unique Holder Identification Number (HIN). A new HIN under your name is created for you at the time of account creation. Because your securities are held in the 'individual HIN' structure, you are the legal owner as well as the beneficial owner of the security holdings.

As we are aware, there are no micro-investing services that provide their service through an MDA structure.

Micro-investing can be a temporary option for those young, first-time investors who face difficulty in inculcating the habit of saving because it automatically deducts spare change from that person's bank account for investing. However, a micro-investing service might not consider your personal circumstances while suggesting suitable investment portfolios to you. Also, it might not provide personal financial advice to you.

So, we encourage you to start investing with a digital investment management service such as QuietGrowth that offers the MDA structure.

Refer to our 'MDA Structure' and 'Micro Investing' knowledge resources for more information.

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