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Do you provide the micro-investing service?

No. We do not provide the micro-investing service. However, a client can deposit any amount, any number of times, to their QuietGrowth portfolio.

We are referring to the following use case when we speak about a typical micro-investing service: if a client makes a purchase, then the spare change of the round-up transaction amount gets automatically deposited to their investment portfolio in a micro-investing service.

We opine that micro-investing can be a helpful temporary option for first-time investors who are starting to understand the world of investing. However, we at QuietGrowth are aiming to serve clients who are investing for the long-term AFTER they have set up their rainy-day fund in term deposits, low-risk fixed-income instruments or cash. If the rainy-day fund comprises of a small portion of higher-risk equity exposure, then such instruments should be highly-diversified. This ‘rainy-day fund’ is supposed to cover at least six months of expenses to deal with any unexpected emergencies (such as unemployment, illness) that might arise in your life as well as in your dependent family members’ lives. The rainy-day fund would also include six-month’s worth of any monthly payment commitments that you might be having towards mortgages, loans or insurance premiums.

Refer to our 'Micro Investing' knowledge resource for more information.