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What will stop me from investing $50,000 with you, and then replicate the trades for my remaining $250,000 portfolio at a broker?

You can go ahead with your plan to mirror the QuietGrowth portfolios, but it will be a pain! Do you not realise that the do-it-yourself approach is extra work for you and sometimes more expensive? Are you good at rebalancing the portfolios you are managing yourself? Are you aware that you need to pay the trading fees to the brokerage firm when you manage the securities yourself?

As an alternative, we charge you the QuietGrowth fee as low as 0.36% per annum for our MDA service, wherein you delegate the investment management to QuietGrowth. Our service includes a range of aspects, including providing you personal financial advice, executing trades with no trading fees charged to you and rebalancing your portfolios.

Refer to our 'Why QuietGrowth' page to know more about our value proposition. Also refer to our 'Pricing' page.

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