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Need an authentic human contact point as you learn about our digital service?   Speak with the QuietGrowth financial adviser Christian Schrampf over a video call.

Christian Schrampf

About Christian Schrampf

Investing successfully is not just about picking a well-diversified portfolio of the right underlying investments, but more, the ability to manage your emotions and stay the course over your investment timeframe.

Christian is an investment adviser at QuietGrowth. He has a deep passion for guiding individuals on the path to intelligent investing. Previously, he had nine years of professional experience spanning company analysis at ANZ Banking Group, wealth advice at ANZ Private Wealth, and other boutique wealth firms. He has two business degrees at the Monash Business School, a Masters unit in Portfolio Management at Macquarie University, and a Diploma in Financial Planning.


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  • General financial advice limited to QuietGrowth Managed Discretionary Account service is provided in this call. Personal financial advice will not be provided in this call.

As you explore investing through our digital product, you might prefer to have a conversation in addition to reading the detailed information that we have provided on our website. To discuss the service and technology. To discuss your emotions, and your past efforts to stay on course throughout years of market prosperity or turmoil. Book your appointment now.

Note that QuietGrowth digital service is complete to serve your long-term investing needs. The option to speak with our investment adviser for general financial advice is optional.