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Do I have to manually pay the ETF provider the underlying fund fee?

A QuietGrowth portfolio comprises of various ETFs, and each of the ETFs has its own underlying fund fee. No, you do not have to manually pay an ETF provider the underlying fund fee.

The ETF provider will deduct its ETF management fee (also called as expense ratio) from the cash that is invested in that ETF. Underlying fund fees are factored in the real-time values of each of the ETFs we invest in. This fee is expensed by the provider of each ETF, and does not flow through QuietGrowth. Hence, this fee is not included in the QuietGrowth fee.

QuietGrowth offers different risk portfolios. We have calculated the underlying fund fee for an overall portfolio, for your reference. This calculation is also referred to as Average Weighted Expense Ratio of all the funds in a QuietGrowth portfolio. Refer to our pricing page for more information regarding this.