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Can I choose what to do with the dividends that get paid out? What are my options with dividends?

The dividend or distribution amounts that are paid by different ETF issuers are deposited in your cash account. The amounts received will become part of the cash component of your portfolios, and we will manage those amounts. The default option we follow is to reinvest the dividend or distribution amounts towards the purchase of securities, after sufficient cash is accumulated in your portfolio to execute one or more buy trades. We will also attempt to ensure that the purchase of these securities is in line with the rebalancing considerations.

Instead, if you choose to withdraw the oncoming dividend amount from your cash account, then you can let us know your preference so that we will stop reinvesting those cash dividends and thus enabling you to withdraw some cash. Please note that you can withdraw cash only above the minimum withdrawal limit. Requesting for withdrawal of oncoming dividends is not suggested by us unless you need that cash.

Refer to our Investment Methodology page for more information.

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