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Do you provide goals-based investing?

Yes, QuietGrowth provides a feature-rich service for your goals-based investing. You can set up multiple risk-portfolios in your account to achieve various investment goals.

You can create a separate portfolio for each of your investment goals. Depending on the nature of the goal, you can specify the risk tolerance for that portfolio. For example, let's say you have created a portfolio towards your kid's education. If you are risk-averse about this goal because reaching this goal is very important to you, then you can select a lower-risk portfolio.

You can also assign a goal type for a portfolio. Some examples of a goal are education, house, and retirement. Goal attributes such as target amount and target date can also be added.

Watch our short demo video for the feature: Create a portfolio having an investment goal.

Watch our short demo video for the feature: Add goal to an existing investment portfolio.

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