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How do I deposit money for investment through QuietGrowth?

A Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) will be created in the name of the client during the client onboarding process with QuietGrowth. This is your cash account. QuietGrowth handles this cash account of the client. A client can transfer money for investment from her personal bank account to her cash account by the following methods:

a) Electronic funds transfer (EFT) using BSB and account number:

You will be able to perform a funds transfer using the BSB and cash account number that we will provide you at the time of account creation.

b) Personal Cheque:

You will be able to transfer funds by a cheque payable to the account holder (that is you, the client) deposited by you with our brokerage account provider. Only personal cheques from Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia are accepted. Only personal cheques for AUD currency are accepted. Third party cheques are not accepted. 'Bank Cheques' are not accepted. Please contact us if you want to opt for transfer through a cheque.

Below are some additional information:

  • As per regulations, we do not accept money that originates from a third-party account. Money transferred must originate from a bank account under the same name that is in our records.
  • We do not accept Banker’s Drafts, Cash Deposits and remittances from Exchange Houses/Money Changers. Money received from any or all of these payment channels will be rejected and returned to the sender (less bank charges, if any).
  • The currency for transferring is Australian Dollars (AUD). Contact us for information on other currency denominated funds transfers. Also read our answer to the question: I do not have a bank account in Australia. Can I transfer money from my bank account outside Australia?

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