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What is an administration-only client?

Suppose the Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) service to you has ceased, and you do not take steps to close your account. You are an administration-only client now.

If you are an administration-only client, we strongly recommend that you be aware of the impact of the ceasing of our MDA service to you.

Impact of the ceasing of our MDA service to you:

We will be unable to manage your QuietGrowth portfolios, which means we will no longer:

  • execute buy trades for the cash in your portfolios
  • monitor your portfolios for rebalancing purposes
  • review your Investment Program annually
  • provide the Annual Investor Statement outside the MDA service period
  • charge you the QuietGrowth MDA management fee.

Even if we cease the MDA to you, we will continue to:

  • provide you with access to the QuietGrowth website and apps to view your assets at your brokerage account and/or cash account
  • track your distributions and dividends, if any
  • track the performance of your portfolios and securities
  • provide you with access to the financial tools on our website and apps
  • provide the Annual Tax Summary for the security holdings
  • provide you with general financial advice
  • charge you the QuietGrowth administration fee.

Refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information on our services and fees.

Our recommendation:

We strongly recommend that you restart our MDA service. The first step is reviewing your most recent answers to the 'risk score determination questionnaire' and digitally sign by logging in to your QuietGrowth account as soon as possible.

It's a simple online process.