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What will happen to my investments if QuietGrowth is acquired by another firm, or ceases to conduct business?

You need not worry because your brokerage account with our brokerage partner is held in your own name.

If any other firm acquires QuietGrowth and that firm decides to continue providing the service to you, then there will not be any disruption in the service to you. Your brokerage account will remain active in your own name, and you can deposit or withdraw money whenever you want.

Even in the unlikely event of QuietGrowth ceasing to conduct business or cease to provide the MDA service to you, because of getting acquired or because of business failure, your brokerage account will remain active in your own name. Your securities and cash will continue to be held by our brokerage partner Saxo Capital Markets, until you transfer your brokerage account to a new broker of your choice, or you choose to liquidate your brokerage account to withdraw all your money. During this period, our brokerage partner, instead of us, will not be providing the MDA service to you. That is, for example, our brokerage partner will not provide online investment advice, nor design investment portfolios, nor invest your money as per your Investment Program, nor ensure that your portfolios are rebalanced.

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