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When will my second or subsequent portfolios have exposure to all the asset classes mentioned in my investment plan?

As long as the total funds that you deposit in your second portfolio are less than $25,000, QuietGrowth phases-in your funds towards the purchase of one ETF after the other. The threshold of $25,000 is applicable for your third or subsequent portfolios too.

That is, till the time your total deposits are less than $25,000, you will have a partly-diversified portfolio only. As you deposit progressively towards $25,000, we will buy more ETFs progressively towards your fully-diversified second or subsequent portfolio. As soon as your total deposits reach $25,000, you will have exposure to the fully-diversified QuietGrowth portfolio. So, it is preferable if you could invest towards reaching $25,000 in deposits in each of your second or subsequent portfolios.

We strongly recommend you deposit towards reaching a fully-diversified portfolio as soon as possible. You would not be able to deposit in a new portfolio till all your existing portfolios are fully-diversified.

If your portfolio is not yet fully-diversified, then the performance of your portfolio will be different from the performance of the QuietGrowth model portfolio of the same risk score. This difference is because we would not have purchased all the ETFs in your portfolio.

Note that this total amount you need to deposit for a fully-diversified portfolio is $10,000 only for your first portfolio as explained in our answer to the question 'When will my first portfolio have exposure to all the asset classes mentioned in my investment plan?'.

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