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Why the target mix of asset classes in my portfolio is constant irrespective of how much I invest and the frequency I invest?

For optimal risk-adjusted returns, the determination of various asset classes and the computation of the most appropriate mix of those asset classes is important. For your risk tolerance score, an appropriate portfolio mix is designed. However, the amount you invest through QuietGrowth and the frequency at which you invest has no relation with your risk tolerance score. So, you will continue to be suggested with the same portfolio associated with your risk tolerance score.

To clarify more, the amount of money that you have does affect your risk tolerance score. Everything else remaining constant, the more money you have, the higher your risk tolerance should be and hence, a different target mix of asset classes in your portfolio. QuietGrowth factors this ruleset by asking you how much liquid and illiquid assets you have, along with other questions, in order to determine your financial health. These inputs will be used while calculating your risk tolerance score.

Refer to our Investment Methodology page for more information.

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