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Is QuietGrowth an independent robo adviser?

Yes, QuietGrowth is the sole independent MDA robo adviser in Australia. This is in the context that no investment product issuer (such as an ETF issuer), bank or financial institution has the controlling ownership in our firm.

The fact that no investment product issuer is a shareholder in our firm enables us to avoid the pressure of including one of their investment products/securities in our QuietGrowth Portfolios, in place of a more preferable security issued by another product issuer. This independence helps us to construct QuietGrowth Portfolios in a manner that we believe to be the best approach.

Also, unlike an investment product issuer (such as an ETF issuer), brokerage firm, bank or traditional financial advisory firm that offers a robo advice service as an additional service to its existing clients, QuietGrowth offers MDA robo advice as its central service. This focus enables us to provide a superlative offering to clients.

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