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What are the terms that are used commonly to describe your service?

We manage the investments of clients to achieve risk-optimised returns over the long-term. We create a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) for the client. The 'general financial advice' and 'personal financial advice' that we provide — as part of our MDA service — are in the form of digital advice.

The terms that are commonly used to describe our service are:

  • robo advice
  • MDA robo advice
  • digital advice
  • digital wealth management (DWM)
  • digital investment management
  • automated investment management
  • online investment adviser
  • digital investment advisor
  • digital financial advisor
  • online financial advisor
  • online wealth manager
  • online discretionary investment manager (ODIM)
  • digital discretionary investment management
  • algorithm-driven investment management

Moreover, due to the mode of communication with our clients, the following terms are used to describe us:

  • digital-only roboadvisor
  • digital-only roboadvisory

Note: We are not a hybrid robo advisor.

Due to the nature of ownership of our firm, the following terms are used to describe us:

  • independent robo advisor. This is in the context that no investment product issuer (such as an ETF issuer), bank or financial institution has the controlling ownership in our firm.
  • standalone robo advisor

Note: We are not an incumbent robo advisor.

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