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Is there a minimum amount that I should deposit as a top-up before you invest the cash in the portfolio in the market?

For total deposits of $10,000 or more in a portfolio:

Out of the cash that is present in your portfolio, we reserve enough cash to cover QuietGrowth’s fees that you would incur, typically for one year. Then we will consider investing the rest of your cash in that portfolio in ETFs as soon as that rest of the cash reaches $3,000.

For example, if the cash in your portfolio is $3,100, and the tentative QuietGrowth fees that you would be incurring over the next one year period is $30, then we will consider that the amount available to invest in ETFs is only $3,070. We will execute one or more buy orders to invest an amount close to $3,070 in one or more units of an ETF or ETFs.

We also follow this same practice if the total deposits in the portfolio have reached $10,000 and then the value of the portfolio has fallen below $10,000 due to withdrawals from that portfolio.

For total deposits less than $10,000 in a portfolio:

Usually, it is unlikely that we will execute a trade if the cash available for investing is less than $300. At the other extreme, we will make sure that we execute a buy trade if the cash available for investing reaches $3,300. Various factors influence the exact minimum amount that needs to be deposited so that we can execute a trade to invest that amount.

We will consider these factors, such as the number and size of the buy trades that we need to execute, so that a fully-diversified portfolio is achieved when you deposit a total of $10,000 over one or many fund transfers.