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What is the withdrawal process?

You can place a withdrawal request on the QuietGrowth website, whenever you intend to withdraw your money. After you confirm your withdrawal request, within a reasonable period, we will execute the necessary sell trades in your brokerage account. The proceeds from the divestment of your holdings are credited to your cash account in T+2 days (trade date plus two business days).

Thereafter, you can withdraw the cash by yourself from your Macquarie cash account by (a) logging to your Macquarie cash account, (b) linking your personal bank account to your Macquarie cash account, and then (c) transferring the cash from your Macquarie cash account to your linked personal bank account.

To do so, you can register for online banking at Macquarie or if you have already done so, you may log in to Macquarie cash account to complete a withdrawal.

If you are withdrawing for the first time, please plan your schedule to factor in the additional steps you need to go through at Macquarie.

Account closure

If you intend to close your QuietGrowth account, the process is similar. Additionally, read the answers to the questions: