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What to do if the character limit of the reference message allowed by my bank is too low?

At the time of transferring the deposit from your bank account to your cash account linked to your QuietGrowth account, you would need to provide a reference message in the reference field. The reference message will be in the format 'XXXXXXX AAA BBB CCC' where XXXXXXX is a unique number provided to you, AAA is your first name, BBB is your middle name, and CCC is your last name. You can access your reference message by logging in to your QuietGrowth account.

However, many banks have a low limit to the character count in the message section of the bank transfer. In such a situation, you can mention at least the unique number (which is present at the starting of the reference message in the format XXXXXXX) in the message section of the bank transfer to your cash account.

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