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Why am I not able to execute buy or sell trades myself after I login to my brokerage account?

You cannot execute the buy and sell trades yourself for the money you deposit in QuietGrowth portfolios. You delegate to QuietGrowth the task of managing the money that you deposit. We provide you with the QuietGrowth service through the Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) structure.

The Saxo brokerage account created in your name is a read-only account. There is no need for you to log in to your Saxo brokerage account, because you can view the details of your portfolios in the QuietGrowth website itself. That said, you may log in to your brokerage account at any point in time. Please note that QuietGrowth does not maintain the website of the brokerage account provider.

Refer to our MDA Structure page and Client Agreement of MDA Contract page for more information.

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